The weekend of December 16 – 18 was the 3rd Annual Women’s Weekend at Taos Ski Valley.  This year we hosted approximately 50 ladies from around the country.  This amazing event continues to grow in popularity and is a testament to the dedicated female skiers and snowboarders that we have here at Taos.  Here’s why we love hosting it:


1. Because Lady Shredders are Badass

A few years back K2 Skis started International Women’s Ski Day to encourage more women to hit the slopes and challenge that ski-town stereotype, you know the one, where there are always a ton of dudes on the mountain and only a few women?  Here at Taos we know that women can shred just as hard as men, and for the past three years, Women’s Weekend has proven that point.

2. Because of Rhoda 

Rhoda Blake was the original lady shredder at Taos Ski Valley.  She and her husband Ernie are known as the ‘ski pioneers’ who founded TSV in 1955.  She was tough and independent and even cut many of the ski trails.  People say she was the real reason the mountain stayed afloat in the early years, and as long as women are up at Taos enjoying the snow, her legacy will live on.  Also, we love the story of why Rhoda gave Whitefeather its name.  If you know the story, you know what we’re talking about!

3. Because of the Clinics and Events

It was a busy three days!  Friday night kicked the weekend off with a wine and wax clinic, so participants could get their gear ready for the weekend.  Saturday was filled with events ranging from yoga sessions to beacon safety lessons to a whiskey tasting and an ice cream social.  Saturday and Sunday both were packed with a variety of on-mountain clinics for snowboarders, skiers and telemarkers, including a carving clinic, a lesson on mastering bumps, and big mountain instruction.

Big Mountain Clinic

4. Because Confidence is Contagious   

All of the clinics are aimed to help women gain more confidence on the mountain.  One of the popular clinics this weekend was the Freeride Clinic, led by Andrea Krejci, head coach of the Taos Winter Sports Team.  The goal of her clinic was to help women push their boundaries and feel more comfortable on steeper terrain and in deeper snow.  “Instead of holding back, try to let it go!” Krejci told the group.  “The more comfortable you get, the more you can do.”

5. Because of the Women Who Participate

So many amazing women came to TSV for Women’s Weekend.  They made this event successful.  A group of women skiing and snowboarding together is a positive thing; there is so much comradery.  As one enthusiastic participant put it, “There is something awesome about coming together with other women who love the sport, and learning from each other.”

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to all our lovely sponsors.  We’ll see you next year for the 4th Annual Women’s Weekend!