Contemplating Life, Snow and Why We Ski & Ride

For those of us who identify as skiers and riders, there's a time of reckoning and it usually comes about between storm cycles. Well this winter, Mother Nature is testing our resolve and our ability to look past the warm temperatures and bone dry ridges. She's asking us to remember why we love to glide on mountain slopes and to show patience as we wait for the white stuff to fall from the sky.

In the meantime, Taos has 15 of its 110 runs open serving up 2,621 vertical feet. Through the perseverance of the Snowmaking Crew and a solid combination of cold temps at high elevation, Taos is open on all machine-made snow.

What we lack in snow today, we're making up for in sunshine, impeccable guest service and of course, smiles...Smiles because no matter what the conditions bring, we get to start each day with crisp, fresh mountain air and the anticipation of visiting skiers and riders, new and seasoned, young and young-at-heart.

Getting into the mountains is a privilege and Taos Ski Valley never tires of sharing our mountains with anyone willing to make the journey to 9,321 feet. This is where the Rockies begin. And where the love of winter adventures endures.

We think Powder Magazine Editor, John Clary Davies, put it quite well: "...When we got back to our home in New Mexico, the first thing we noticed was the surrounding mountains had no snow on them. It was heartbreaking for both selfish and ecological reasons. Regardless, we're headed up to Taos this weekend. We're going skiing anyway." 

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