Bacon and Brews

This coming Saturday, July 22nd, is our inaugural Bacon and Brews at Taos Ski Valley. What is this event, you might be wondering, and why did it start? “Our Winter Brewsmasters Festival has been going on for over 20 years and I thought it was about time to bring a beer festival to the Ski Valley in the summer,” says Kaela Gillum, our events manager here at the resort. “There will be a number of beers to sample, a bacon bar, live music, and it will all take place outside below the green mountain slopes.”


There will be some awesome breweries coming up for the event, including New Belgium and Sierra Nevada who gave us their perspectives on the upcoming fest:


Hi there! We are super excited for you to come up for our inaugural Bacon and Brews. What were your first thoughts about this new event?

Brian from New Belgium: Who doesn’t like those 2 things!

Keith from Sierra Nevada: GREAT event!  Bacon and beer are both delicious, what a great combo, my diet is going to be on the back burner until this event is over though.


The bacon was donated by Farmland Foods and Smithfield, which offer some pretty classic bacon cuts. Which of your beers will pair best with this tasty bacon?

Brian from New Belgium: 1554 has a smokiness that pairs very well with a smokehouse style bacon. Tartastic is great with bacon in the same way that orange juice and bacon go together, a nice citrusy kick to knock the fat down so every strip is a new experience and every drink a refresher.

Keith from Sierra Nevada: The one in my hand…. Or our Oktoberfest collaboration with Brauhaus Miltenberger from Germany, and happens to be a onetime limited release.


You’ve Collaborated with Taos Ski Valley in the past, but usually in the winter. Which of your beers are best for summer and why?

Brian from New Belgium: Lots of folks are drinking Dayblazer this summer. Super “Easy Going Ale” with only 4.8% abv and value priced in 15pk cans (not available on draft). Also our Juicy Watermelon is very seasonally appropriate


Keith from Sierra Nevada: Otra Vez Gose-Style Ale is my choice for warm weather.  Otra Vez is a tart, tangy, salty, sweet and refreshing brew.  What more could you ask for!


Last question: How do you like your bacon?

Brian from New Belgium: Just on the side of crispy but not burnt.

Keith from Sierra Nevada: Who cares…’s bacon!