Taos ski valley is committed to the environment

During the 2015-2016 winter season, we undertook a variety of sustainability initiatives that simultaneously reduced our impact on the environment while improving the overall employee and guest experience. Here are some of the results of all of the work done this season and that will continue into the future:

  • We pledged to reduce our carbon footprint as part of our participation in the National Ski Area Association’s (NSAA) ‘Climate Challenge’. In 2015 we reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 340 metric tons of CO2, representing a 10.9% reduction over 2014.
  • The Staff Shuttle service took an average of 125 vehicles off the road each day, accommodating 22,000 round trip passengers and thereby reducing 299 metric tons of CO2, and saving 33,000 gallons of fuel during the season.
  • We increased our public transportation offerings in the area, expanded the airport shuttle service and started a free ride share program.
  • We made our snowmaking capabilities more efficient, resulting in an 18% reduction in energy use with a 15% increase in water-to-snow conversion. 
  • We retrofitted lights around the resort.
  • We refined the dining experience by offering organic, locally sourced foods and reduced the use of
    ​pre-packaged, frozen foods.
  • On the mountain, we pursued thinning projects in partnership with the Forest Service and Nature Conservancy that expanded skiable terrain while improving and protecting the Rio Hondo watershed.
  • The new Blake Hotel will be LEED certified with ground source heat pumps and other energy saving technologies.
  • We received the Sustainable Slopes HKD Snowmaking Grant for 2016 and are being given 5 new Impulse HKD snowguns. Click here to view the NSAA news release.