101 Ways And Counting

Our B Corp™ ethos is at the heart of everything we do as a resort, as members of our community and as stewards of the environment. Below is a list of 101 initiatives (and counting) that demonstrate how inspired we are to embrace these ideals as a community. We look forward to growing this list.


1. Numerous local non-profit organizations have benefited from the contributions made by Taos Ski Valley's Donor Advised Fund through the Taos Community Foundation's grant program

  • Over $1 million has been donated over the past 4 years 

2. Taos has partnered with B Corp™ vendors and suppliers and established strong relationships with vendors/suppliers from New Mexico or from underrepresented populations

  • We are committed to working with vendors within a 200-mile radius or who are fellow B Corporations™

3. A partnership has been established with the Division of Vocational Resources, the Taos High School, and the University of New Mexico to provide an apprenticeship to students with disabilities

4. Partnering with the University of New Mexico to create a culinary certificate program as an effort to help develop a stronger local workforce

5. A growing partnership with Not Forgotten Outreach and the adaptive snowsports program 

6. Taos has partnered with AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps to be an Employer of National Service

7. In-kind donations and ALL the organizations that are positively affected by the program

8. We have committed to a highly discounted children’s snowsports programs that supports local participation and a growth of the future of the snowsports industry

9. Taos Ski Valley utilized local Centinel Bank for its banking needs

10. Taos has a strong relationship with the Taos Pueblo and recognizes the importance of this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site to the region  

11. We recruit with the women’s and men’s shelters in town to help develop a stronger local workforce

12. Taos has partnered with New Mexico Workforce Connection to recruit local workforce through job fairs, rapid hire events and advertising efforts

13. We’ve tapped into the local culture and history by commissioning artists and artisans to provide furnishings and amenities for The Blake, The Blake Penthouses, and expanding our scope throughout The Blake Residences

  • Sourced historical photography that aided in the renaissance of local knowledge and awareness of Taos history. This has supported our initiative to build upon our relationship between Taos Ski Valley and the Taos Pueblo

14. At the end of the 2018-19 season we hosted a InterClub Ski Race that raised over $125,000 for the Taos Community Foundation

15. We offer a robust friends & family discounted ticket program to our staff which directly impacts our local community by offering them the opportunity to experience Taos Ski Valley for free or for a steep discount

16. Every Fall, we host an annual Night of Philanthropy to benefit the Taos Community Foundation and allow our staff to give back through donations – Taos Ski Valley matches all staff donations

17. Our annual Boarding for Breast Cancer  event raising money for breast cancer research and the Anita Salas Fund 

18. Taos created and hosted the B Inspired Day in February 2019 to educate the public on B Corps™

19. Sponsoring the Believe in New Mexico Day in conjunction with the local New Mexico B Corp™ community, the New Mexico Economic Development Department, and University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management to showcase responsible businesses in New Mexico

20. Staff can donate their Taos Cards to the Taos Community Foundation and Taos will match that donation

Snowy San francisco de Asis church


21. Our CEO, David Norden, signed the Camber Outdoors CEO Pledge, ensuring that Taos would strive to elevate an inclusive workplace where diversity of experience and people as a strategic business imperative will set our organization above the status quo

22. Taos Ski Valley has a commitment to grow better, not bigger

23. We are developing a purchasing policy to hold ourselves and our partners accountable to more efficient and sustainable business practices

24. Taos has signed on to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act; a bipartisan climate solution

25. We have amended our corporate by-laws to state that the Board of Directors will consider all stakeholders and not just shareholders in decision making

26. Taos is conducted a supplier survey to understand who we do business with and what their core values are


27. Staff are able and encouraged to use their paid volunteer time to give back to the community 

28. Below are some highlights of our family-friendly business practices, which helped us become a recipient of the Gold New Mexico Family Friendly Business Award

  • Paid parental leave policy
  • Encouraging an active lifestyle
  • Paid health days
  • Our robust employee assistance program

29. Our commitment to B Lab’s Inclusive Economy Challenge & diversity/inclusion efforts

30. Our commitment to pay equity

31. Raising our base wage to the MIT Living Wage

32. We value the importance of Mental Health First Aid and provide training for all our managers & first responders to be Mental Health First Aid Responders. We are also actively working to break down the stigma around mental health

33. We have a partnership with Greenheart Exchange, one of the only non-profit work and travel agencies that recruits our international staff and promotes volunteer activity

34. In order to be more inclusive and help our seasonal staff members plan for retirement, we have expanded our 401K program

35. How we created an Environmental, Social, and Governance portfolio with our 401K so people could ensure their contributions were more sustainable

36. Taos offers a free staff shuttle – reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 299 metric tons of CO2

37. Various staff members have participated in the Leadership Journey program; sponsoring the development of local leaders

38. We have a first-time home buyer discount of $1,000 off closing costs for our staff members

39. Taos has incorporated a give-back component to all staff parties to connect our seasonal staff to the community

40. Partnered with Zen for Business, a fellow B Corp™, to provide training and development for our leadership team

41. Over half the volunteers for the Taos Ski Valley Fire Fighter & EMS Department is made up of Taos Ski Valley staff

42. 46% of Taos Ski Valley staff identify as belonging to a minority race

43. Improved our on-boarding paperwork to be inclusive of non-binary gender identification

44. Created an Inclusiveness statement and incorporated it into all of our recruiting materials

45. Taos has participated in the Fit for Snow program for over 5 years – an educational program to increase awareness around exercise and nutrition to help alleviate injury for on-snow staff

46. We encourage staff members to participate in our “go-green pay-stub initiative” so that they receive electronic pay-stubs instead of printed ones

47. We offer discounted gym memberships to local gyms for our staff

48. We have a safety committee dedicated to promoting and improving the safety and well-being of our staff members & guests

49. We offer free yoga classes for staff members throughout the winter season

50. We also provide healthy “snack days” once a month during ski season for all staff members

51. Over 20 full-time, year-round positions have been created for Taos Ski Valley staff in 2019 – we have increased the number of FTYR fully benefited staff by 40% since 2014

52. Staff have the option to donate their $10.00 recognition cards to the Taos Community Foundation and we match their contribution

53. Taos has renovated and improved many work spaces throughout the resort, ie staff locker room, Rio Hondo Learning Center, Patrol headquarters, admin office, and more

54. We have invested in a Gazex system to make the avalanche mitigation on Kachina less hazardous for our patrol team

55. Investing in the Avalung packs for the Ski Patrol

56. Upgraded vehicle fleets for staff

57. Our new food dehydrator lessens the weight of the trash bags for the Buildings and Maintenance staff

58. Payout of staff bonuses when the company does well financially

59. Purchased employee housing units to offer affordable housing options to staff

60. Moved the 401K plan to Fidelity to offer more financial education to our staff

61. Continue to pay 75% of our FTYR staff’s health insurance and 65% of their dependents

62. Increased the 401K match for those that qualify from 3% to 4%

scenic snowy mountains


63. We have a commitment to clean up our waste stream and improve our Taos Verde recycling program

64. We've partnered with Fairware for our recruitment and sales promotional products

65. We use  Stone Paper to create our resort maps, employment guides and leadership notebooks

66. Sourcing B Corp™ products and local products for our Taos Sports retail store

67. Our food dehydrator converted over 28,000 pounds of food waste into soil amendment last year

68. We use the soil amendment from the food dehydrator to landscape our mountain

69. Geo-thermal wells for heating/cooling The Blake

70. Hydrate locally, help globally – reducing single use plastic throughout the resort

71. Our trail crew works hard throughout the summer in order to promote forest health and a clean watershed that affects the entire community

  • Working with the Nature Conservancy’s Rio Grande Water Fund
  • Working with the Taos Valley Watershed Coalition

72. Partnering with the Village of Taos Ski Valley on the river restoration to create a healthier habitat for fish, wildlife, and opportunity to enjoy the river

73. All-hands, all-lands prescribed burn - forest health collaboration with Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and fire department.

74. Native Energy helped us calculate, reduce, and offset the carbon footprint of Taos Air to a net zero impact

75. Taos has won two National Ski Area Association Golden Eagle Awards – 2017 Environmental Excellence and 2019 Innovation in Sustainability award for the food dehydrator program

76. We have worked with Spyder to help them reduce their packaging waste for our uniform program

77. Snowmaking operations - replaced three 200HP motors and one 400HP motor with new, high efficiency inverter duty motors

78. We now have a fleet of 110 high efficient, low energy use, HKD impulse snowguns

79. Taos has installed a state-of-the-art Sno.Matic system to promote safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the snowmaking system

80. We have created new diversion gates at the river intakes our our pump stations allowing better water flow and bypass gates to control natural water flow from the snowmaking uses of the river

81. Installed a variable frequency drive onto one of our existing 250 HP motors

82. We are winners of the 2016 National Ski Area Associations Sustainable Slopes High-Efficiency Snowmaking grant

  • We were awarded 5 low-energy, high-efficiency snowmaking guns to help us reduce our energy use
  • We expanded our fleet of high efficiency, low energy snowmaking guns with the additional of 17 HKD SV10 Impulse towers & 5 HKD laser towers

83. We are working to incorporate an electric grooming machine into our grooming fleet

84. Upgrading grooming fleet to all tier 4 diesel motors to make the fleet more fuel efficient

85. Leasing fuel/energy efficient shuttles for our staff and guest shuttle programs

86. Retrofitting all of our existing facilities with low-flow water fixtures, waterless urinals, and dual flush toilets with the goal of reducing our water consumption

87. We source local products for the Spa & Wellness Center

88. Housekeeping at The Blake has eliminated the use of small toiletries and using green cleaning products

89. Our commitment to the NSAA climate challenge – participated since 2015

90. We purchased a portable solar power source for our on-mountain telecommunications

91. We have a strong partnership with Protect Our Winters

92. Reduced use of plastic utensils, plates, bowls, and cups throughout Food & Beverage outlets

93. Incorporated cellulose straws throughout Food & Beverage outlets and only provide to guests when asked; all while eliminated plastic straws

94. Silver LEED Certification for The Blake

95. We use water efficient appliances and water conscious landscaping for The Blake, reducing our water use by 20% over traditional methods

96. Between 2014-2016, we reduced our overall energy consumption by 10.9% which equals a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 340 metric tons of CO2.  this can be attributed to the efficiencies in the snowmaking system

97. We participate in “hard-to-recycle” programs such as recycling car batteries, printer ink cartridges, light bulbs, etc.

98. Incorporated occupancy light sensor/timers in all our new office spaces to reduce consumption

99. We purchased a Winter Stieger tuning machine that runs off less amps and has less disposables which reduces our waste and energy consumption (and also turns out an amazing tune for your skis/snowboard)

100. The dye lot required to properly color our uniform garments (thousands of pieces) will use 1/20th of the water due to new technology from Gortex – Gortex is a platinum member of P.O.W., aligning with our organizational values

101. We have invested in lift upgrades which are more energy efficient than our antiquated lifts

102. Heating the Vehicle Maintenance Facility with our used oil 

103. We are converting our lighting to LEDs wherever possible

104. We have partnered with Reunity Resources in Santa Fe to give them excess soil amendment from our food dehydrator and taking our used cooking oil to convert to low-emission biodiesel

105. Purchase energy efficient appliances that are Energy Star rated

The Blake


106. $2.00 nightly donations from The Blake to the Taos Community Foundation 

107. Dog Pass for passholder pups where the donations from the pass support the Taos Avalanche Rescue Dogs

108. We hosted the 2nd annual B Leadership Summit which helped form the “B Corp™ Climate Action Collective”

109. In the winter of 2019-20 we will be rolling out a new carpooling initiative

110. Countless events and speaker series promoting community ties, outreach, etc.

111. $50,000 donated from chair lift sales to Hurricane Harvey efforts

112. We offer tours of The Blake to internal and external guests that honors our rich culture and history and helps connect The Blake & Taos Ski Valley to both the town of Taos and the Taos Pueblo

113. Installed Electric Vehicle chargers in The Blake and parking lot for our guests

Our Partners
  • US Forest Service
  • Protect Our Winters
  • Leitner Poma
  • Sandia Automotive