Full Day of Adventures

You May Never Want To Leave

To get the full experience of the region, we recommend staying for a few days. Make The Blake your basecamp for adventure and outings.

1. Spend your morning on the river or up on the rocks | 9:00AM

The choice is yours and you can't go wrong. Whether you are taking a guided rafting trip on the Rio Grande or fishing on one of this regions many well-stocked rivers, a morning out on the water is always a great option. Or for a different kind of excitement, you can check out Taos from above with a guided rock climbing tour.

2. Then head downtown for lunch | 1:00PM

After your exciting morning, you’ve earned a good meal and the options are abundant in downtown Taos. Foodies have been traveling to Taos for decades in order to enjoy the diverse options that this region provides. After lunch make sure you take some time to explore the historic Taos Plaza where shops and art galleries are abundant and you will almost definitely find a keepsake to go home with.

3. Work off lunch with a hike to Williams Lake | 2:45PM

Discover Williams Lake in all its summertime glory. This intermediate-level, four-mile round trip hike from The Bavarian is forested with aspen, Englemann and blue spruce, western white fir, and rarely seen red fir and bristlecone pine. Once there you’ll find lush meadows are colored with countless varieties of wildflowers and plants.

4. Return to The Blake & RSVP for Dinner at 192 | 6:00PM

Before and after outdoor adventure, this is your space to connect while savoring shareable dishes and inspired wines. Centered around a communal kiva fireplace, this inviting, intimate dining and social hub radiates international flare—rustic European alpine architecture folded into colorful New Mexican design.