B Corp Leadership Summit

The time is now for courageous business leadership to help create a future that serves people and the planet. With a decade of credibility and momentum as your foundation, B Corps have a unique and powerful role in achieving this future.

Throughout 2019, we will be convening our most influential B Corp leaders in a series of intimate settings to sow the seeds of transformational, force-multiplier change to meet our civilization’s most pressing challenges head-on, with a focus on what we can achieve together in the next decade that we can’t achieve alone.

The B Leadership Summit 2019 in Taos Ski Valley will focus on climate change and the environment. Together we will identify tangible business actions both on the advocacy and mitigation fronts that B Corps can do, both individually and collectively, to address the devastating impacts of climate change on our civilization and biosphere.

After kicking off the summit on Monday evening, we will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in immersive, interactive sessions to ideate, plan, and activate strategies. On Thursday, the summit will be capped off by a B Corp marketplace and festival that will be open to the public. Throughout the summit, there will be opportunities for skiing, yoga, snowshoeing, and other ways to enjoy Taos.

Our hope is that the unique natural beauty and culture of Taos Ski Valley, itself pointedly impacted by climate change, will provide a powerful forum for deep conversation, connection, and collaboration. We hope this Summit will be the most inspiring and transformational event of the year for you! While in Taos, you will:


  • CONNECT: engage with your fellow B Corp leaders in a profound, deeply human and fun context;
  • LEARN: powerful strategies for positive impact from your peers;
  • ADVISE: provide critical input and guidance on the strategy for building the B Corp movement globally; and
  • ACTIVATE: be energized and equipped for tangible action.


"These are all people that I admire, appreciate, would like to work with, network with, or learn from. There is not a single exception. You pretty much created a sandbox for us to play in and it was an experiment that seems to have worked. It worked for me"

-John Tansey, Happy Family

John Tansey


The Blake at Taos Ski Valley is at the heart of the resort’s renaissance connecting the iconic mountain with a vibrant cultural journey. The Blake embodies a soulful tapestry that is uniquely Northern New Mexican.

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Blake Hotel Room Rates
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$432 $245 King / 2 Queen
$864 $350 1 Bedroom Suite
$1,440 $490 2 Bedroom Suite
The Blake


Taos Ski Valley Airport Shuttle provides daily year-round service to Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque airports. Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations allow you to meet your friends and family, hit the slopes and trails, or access lodging quickly and easily. 

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Driving Distances & Times to Taos
Location Distance Time
Albuquerque 152 Miles 2.75 Hours
Santa Fe 92 Miles 1.5 Hours

Coming Early or Staying Late?

Explore the amazing things to do in Taos before or after your trip at the B Corp Summit.

Manko (Come Eat)! Experience Puebloan Cuisine & Culture - February 10th - 7:00 - 9:00pm

Taos Artisan Walking Tour offered Thursday 10am to 1pm

Taos Snowshoeing Tours offered Wed through Sunday 10am - 2:30pm 

Ghost Ranch Hiking Tour in Georgia O'Keeffe Country any day 9am to 4pm

192 At The Blake


Adjusting to high altitudes is all about acclimatization, but it takes your body several days (or even weeks) to get fully adjusted. When you're not acclimatized, you can get altitude sickness, which feels a lot like a hangover. We recommend arriving a day or two early to stay in Santa Fe or Ojo Caliente. Here are some helpful tips for acclimatizing properly:

Stay Hydrated - Drink Plenty of Water

Moderate Physical Activity 

Wear Sunscreen

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Watch Your Alcohol Intake


Adult Lesson

Ski / Snowboard Rentals

If you're looking to hit the slopes, our crew of experts can help you with gear selection, boot-fitting and more to ensure the best experience on the slopes. 

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Ski Hike


Taos Air offers non-stop service from both Austin and Dallas to Taos, getting you to the Rockies in as little as two hours. We invite you to experience the convenience and simplicity of flying private for the price of a standard commercial airline ticket.

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