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September 23rd, 2021

Taos Ski Valley: A Reflection

The pandemic forced us all to slow down, and here at Taos Ski Valley, we paused to reflect and take stock of who we are, what we stand for, what we want to deliver as a guest experience, and what our vision for the future holds. This reflection involved one-on-one discussions with athletes, passholders, staff, management, ownership, and a survey of more than 80 stakeholders, community members, and long-time guests.  

The work revealed and confirmed several important things that I’d like to share.  

First, it confirmed our desire to be a purpose-driven business. Our staff, our Northern New Mexico community, and our environment re-emerged as the most important considerations as we move forward with an unwavering commitment to the B Corp values. While business trends will come and go, we feel grounded in our values and trust that they will provide an enduring foundation for the way we do business now and into the future. As consumers return to travel with newly gained perspective from the past year and a half, we anticipate many will “vote” with their wallets for businesses that are doing the right thing. 

Secondly, we are reinvigorated about what makes our mountain so special. Unlike many mountain resorts that are falling into a chasm of homogeneity, what we provide to visitors is truly unique. We are proudly independent, and our diverse and challenging terrain, confluence of cultures, refined yet authentic resort amenities, and our people all add up to create a rare ski experience. While other resorts have lost their intimacy, it is alive and well in Taos. Here you will make new friends on the lifts and get tips and suggestions from locals on their favorite runs. Taos imparts a pure mountain experience with a friendly, ski-town vibe. 

Finally, we confirmed our vision for the future: “better not bigger.” This is a mantra that we have not taken lightly, nor have we lost sight of as we have pursued a revitalization over the last several years. Our goal is not more. Instead, our goal is to provide a sustainable, intimate, and truly special mountain experience within the confines of a remote box canyon surrounded by designated wilderness that we are committed to protecting. This is what makes us unique and what our vision is built upon.  

This reflection on the “who” and “what” we are is setting us up to emerge from a global pandemic stronger and more focused than ever before. Looking ahead to the upcoming winter season, we have never been more appreciative of this one-of-a-kind place we get to work and play every day. We look forward to sharing it with you again.  

     By David Norden, CEO of Taos Ski Valley