Whether Sunny Or Snowy

Remember That Everyday Is Great
Ski Powder
Taos Ski Valley
Friday, January 26th, 2018

When we entered 2018, we had high hopes. High hopes for the upcoming year, and high hopes for snow. We still have those hopes, and it seemed like last Sunday our #prayforsnow chants finally paid off when we woke up to 7" inches of fresh snow on the ground, which turned into 10" by that afternoon, which turned into 14" by Monday morning. For everyone who was on the mountain Sunday, it felt like winter had returned and we recalled the reason why we were praying for snow in the first place.

With that small taste of the goods, we are craving more. It saddens our hearts to look at the 10 day forecast and see only sunny skies. But we must remember to stay positive, stay optimistic, and feel grateful that the 14" has made the courdoury softer, and allowed for 6 more trails to open this week. 

To stay optimistic is to look on the bright side. A phrase we keep hearing is that "there is no better time to learn how to ski and snowboard" than now. Even expert riders can take some lessons from this winter and hone in on their technique. No matter what, this season has been a blast so far, and we are enjoying every day, whether sunny or snowy. 

In a recent article in the Taos News, Taos Ski Valley CEO David Norden reminds us, "We know the snow will return to the mountains of Taos. Until then, we are staying positive and remembering that the porrón is always half full."

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