Half Day Family Fun

You Can Do A Lot In Half A Day

For those short on time, these are the classic Taos must-dos:

1. Kick off your day with a hike to Williams Lake | 8:30AM

Discover The sooner you start your hike, the cooler it will be. This intermediate-level, four-mile round trip hike from The Bavarian is forested with aspen, Englemann and blue spruce, western white fir, and rarely seen red fir and bristlecone pine. Once there you’ll find lush meadows are colored with countless varieties of wildflowers and plants.

2. After your hike, sneak in a mid-morning balloon ride | 10:30AM

Floating isn’t just for water, Taos is a great place for floating in the air. Hot air balloon rides above the Rio Grande Gorge are magical, thrilling experiences that will take your breath away. As the sun rises over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, you’ll have the best views of the Taos Mesa and see amazing geologic formations from 800 feet above the Rio Grande.

3. Finish your adventure with lunch at The Bavarian | 1:00PM

There is no better way to close out your morning at Taos Ski Valley than with a refreshing lunch at The Bavarian. Make sure to start your meal with a pretzel…always a Bavarian favorite! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus vestibulum leo nec nunc pellentesque, non vulputate felis laoreet. Pellentesque id diam ante. Vivamus interdum tempor ligula, eu porttitor ligula finibus venenatis. Ut in facilisis tellus, bibendum consequat ligula. Quisque libero odio, finibus quis ligula sed, porta mattis felis. Aliquam luctus sollicitudin sapien eget tincidunt. Fusce sapien nunc, sagittis quis sem sit amet, congue euismod ipsum. Curabitur in porta dui.