We will not be taking Snowsports Week reservations for the week of March 25



The Taos Snowpsorts Week the only full week program available in North America. Snowsports Week devotees swear by the annual pilgrimage to inspire their skiing and riding, renew their spirits and create long-time friendships. With an emphasis on sharing fun and creating excitement, our Snowsports Weeks run from Sunday through Friday every week starting December 10. Innovative  technique and tactics include video analysis, and technical discussions of modern skiing and biomechanics. You won’t believe how well you’ll ski and ride at the end of your week.

Snowsports Week

Snowsports Weeks comprise of 6 consecutive 2 hour morning sessions.  

Programs assemble at 9:45 AM on Sunday or Monday (Monday start is a 5-day program).  The Snowsports Week is available online, by central reservations (800.776.1111) or in the Snowsports Sales Office.


Classic Snowsports Week 

  • Weekly starting December 17  
  • 6 Consecutive 2 hour morning sessions  
  • Snowsports Weeks meet at 9:45 AM on Sunday or Monday


Private Request Snowsports Week

  • Private Request Weeks are for up to as many people as you want with similar skill levels.  Ski or ride with the coach of your choosing.  Create your own experience that fulfills your motivations and goals.  
  • Weekly starting Sunday, November 26
  • 6 Consecutive 2 hour morning sessions
  • Assemble at 9:45 AM or 1:00 PM on Sunday


Holiday Snowsports Weeks

  • December 24, December 31, February 18, March 11, March 18
  • 6 consecutive 2 hour morning sessions
  • Snowsports Week will assemble at 9:45 AM on Sunday or Monday (Monday start is a 5 day program)


Teen, Tele, & Women's Weeks

  • Teen Weeks: 12/17, 12/24, 1/14, 2/18, 3/5, 3/11, 3/18
    • Specifically designed for Teens 13 and older. Teen Weeks is all about sharing fun, creating unforgettable experiences and friends forever. Explore the unique mountain of Taos with all of its bowls, chutes, trees and hidden stashes.
  • Tele Week: 1/28
    • Free your heels in a ski week just for Telemarkers. Whether you’re a novice at Nordic downhill technique or wish to perfect your skills in the bumps and steeps, our enthusiastic instructors raise telemarking to a new art form.  (Must be able to ski intermediate terrain)
  • Women's Week: 2/11
    • For women, taught by women skiers and riders, that are looking to learn, up their skills or to explore the mountains, bumps, bowls, trees and chutes. Your skills will be advanced using technique, equipment and biodynamics specified to women.
    • Cocktail Party | Spa Specials | Women's Specific Gear Discussions | Free Demos | And Much More!
    • Create memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

$220 /

$270 during Holiday Weeks

Race Week

  • January 21
  • Race Week focuses on the latest technique, gate training, equipment and alignment assessment.
  • This season it will be conducted on Stauffenberg.
    Head coach Alain Veth once again will be bringing his amazing skills and experience to our guests at Taos Ski Valley.
  • The week will meet at 9am each day at the base of chair one near the red private meeting place flag. 
  • Race week agenda:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-Giant Slalom
    Thursday and Friday –Slalom
  • This is a great time to expand your skills and test your limits. With some of the top coaches in the country.


1st Experience Snowsports Week

Never skied or snowboarded before? Then our 1st Experience Snowsports Week is the right choice for you! This session will build your confidence with the basics and ignite a lifelong passion for the sport. To better shape your 1st Experience, we include two additional afternoon instructions for your first two days to get you sliding.

  • 1st Experience Package includes a full mountain lift ticket and rentals with morning and afternoon classes on Sunday and Monday followed by morning instruction only Tuesday through Friday. 
  • First Experience Week starts December 10
  • Sessions assemble at 9:45 AM at the bottom of Pioneer on Sunday or Monday

You don’t have to be an expert to ski/ride Taos but there is no better place to become one!