New This Season


The Seasonal Locker Room will be moving to the lower level of the Resort Center this winter; giving locker-holders a more convenient location to store gear and access Lift 1.

  • Easystore Lockers by Wintersteiger
  • Maximum storage capacity
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Maximum flexibility and stability
  • Minimal footprint
  • Payment Details and Links
  • $100 deposits are non-refundable


Pricing and Features

Seasonal Locker ProgramLockers  
Persons2 Person
Annual Price$650
Boot Dryer/ heaters X 2 pairs
Glove Dryer/heaters X 2 pairs
Helmet Dryer/heaters X 2
Room for 2 pairs of skis ( at least)
On-slope access to new high speed quad Lift 1
7am -11pm access
RFID Keyless entry
USB universal charging port inside the locker
Water collection pan system at the bottom of the locker
UV Ionized clean air system


The private locker room will be accessible daily from 7AM to 11PM throughout the 18-19 ski season.
If something should happen to your key card, the season pass office will give you a replacement key for a small fee to be determined.
No. Please do not punch holes in your key card. These cards are RFID equipped and altering the key card could damage the internal chip.
Locker holders must be moved out of their lockers by April 15th.
If you are unable to move out of your locker by the deadline, please make arrangements with the Season Pass office to access the locker room at another time. Any items left behind will be collected and placed in lost and found.
Your assigned key card(s) will allow access to both the locker room and your private locker.
Locker room access is restricted to locker holders and their sharers only.
Each locker holder can share with one other individual.
No, the person you are sharing with does not need to sign a contract, however, this person must be listed with their contact information on the locker holder agreement.
Guests are not allowed in the private locker room. All lockers are assigned, and there will be no other storage space for guests.
Pets are not permitted in the private locker room; however, exceptions will be made for service animals.
Locker purchases are limited to one per individual to ensure that all of our current locker holders have to opportunity to renew their seasonal locker rental. If/when locker sales are opened to the general public, you will have the option to purchase an additional locker.
Yes! If you have already place a deposit on a regular locker and would like to upgrade to a club locker, the Season Pass office can transfer the deposit for you.
Storage on top of the lockers is not permitted. The new lockers are equipped with air circulation systems with vents at the tops of each locker which should not be blocked.
No. Deposits are nonrefundable.