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Safety And Responsibility At Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley Ski & Resort has always placed an emphasis on safety, on and off the mountain. Over the course of this year we are focusing on safety programs that will educate our staff to be aware, responsible and safe while maintaining a fun & secure environment for fellow guests and employees.

Most guests will never notice our behind-the-scenes efforts, but you will see our employees who spend their time around the resort acting as a resource for your safety needs. Taos Ski Valley's Ski Patrol members can be found on nearly every trail of the resort’s mountain during operational hours. When you need assistance around the base areas the employees wearing blue Taos uniforms will be more than happy to assist you.

Our professional Ski patrol is on duty to assist you. Please pay strict attention to their directions and to the following rules: 

Lift operation hours are 9AM to 4PM. The mountain is closed to winter sports activities except during operating hours. 

Uphill policy: Uphill skiing is offered on designated routes and with a valid pass or lift tickets. Meet at the base of Lift 1 at 7AM to have your pass/ticket scanned. Uphill skiing will be available once Lift 4 opens for the season. it is not allowed during operating hours or outside of these terms. It can be canceled at any time for the safety of daily operations. 

Reckless skiing/snowboarding prohibited, per Village of Taos Ski Valley and Taos County Ordinances. no skier or snowboarder shall act in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person, his own, or another. Ordinance violations will result in loss of lift privileges or fines. 

Duties or skiers/snowboarders involved in collisions, per Village of Taos Ski Valley, Taos County Ordinances, and New Mexico Ski Safety Act are: stopping at the scene and rendering reasonable assistance; sending another skier to notify a member of Ski Patrol; remaining at the scene until a member of Ski Patrol arrives; and providing a name and current address to Ski Patrol before leaving the scene. 

DO NOT ski/ride while intoxicated or under the influence of any controlled substance or any other substance that impairs your mental or physical abilities. 

Observe slow skiing zones. Disregard of areas marked on the trail map and of posted slow signs will result in loss of lift privileges. 

Closed areas. Do not cross any rope or go on any trail marked with a rope or closed sign. This is for your safety. Violators will lose lift privileges and may receive a federal citation and fine. 

Snowmaking activities are routinely in progress on slopes and trails. On-snow vehicles such as snowmobiles or snow maintenance crew vehicles may be present on any terrain at any time. 

Headphones may endanger your well-being. To reduce the risk of injury, headphones and smartphone usage while loading or unloading a lift is strongly discouraged. 

DO NOT use any ski lift unless you have the ability to use it safely, per the New Mexico Ski Safety Act, without any instruction on its use by the lift operator or request and receive instruction before boarding the ski lift. 

Use of a drone is prohibited at TAOS Ski Valley. 

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