Staff Pass Online Waivers for Adult and Minor Staff or Family

Staff Pass Waivers must be completed before your pass will be entered into the system. Please click the appropriate link below to complete your waiver.

Note: A parent or adult guardian will need to complete the Minor Staff Pass waiver, please select 'guardian' (the 3rd selection) when completing the waiver.

Adult Staff or Family Pass Waiver

Minor Staff or Family Pass Waiver

Download the Family Pass Application

Staff Shuttle & Local Transportation Schedule

for the 2018-2019 Season

Effective 12/15/2018 - 03/24/2018 - View the RTD Bus Schedules below :

RTD 341 TSV Green

RTD 380 Night Rider

2019 Staff Schedule Monday - Sunday
  KTAO Radio Arroyo Seco Valdez Amizette Taos Ski Valley

Trip 1N

5:40 5:51 5:55 6:06 6:10
Trip 2N 5:55 6:06 6:10 6:21 6:25
Trip 3N 6:20 6:31 6:35 6:46 6:50
Trip 4N 7:05 7:16 7:20 7:31 7:35
Trip 5N 7:15 7:26 7:30 7:41 7:45
Trip 6N 7:30 7:41 7:45 7:56 8:00
Trip 8N 8:25 8:36 8:40 8:51 8:55
Trip 9N 9:15 9:26 9:30 9:41 9:45
Trip 10N 2:30 2:41 2:45 2:56 3:00
Trip 11N 6:15 6:26 6:30 6:41 6:45
Trip 12N 10:40 10:51 10:55 11:06 11:10
2019 Staff Schedule Monday - Sunday
  Taos Ski Valley Amizette Valdez Arroyo Seco KTAO Radio
Trip 1S 7:00 7:03 7:13 7:16 7:26
Trip 2S 7:45 7:48 7:58 8:01 8:11
Trip 3S 8:10 8:13 8:23 8:26 8:36
Trip 4S 3:10 3:13 3:23 3:26 3:36
Trip 6S 4:30 4:33 4:43 4:46 4:56
Trip 7S 5:00 5:03 5:13 5:16 5:26
Trip 8S 5:30 5:33 5:43 5:46 5:56
Trip 9S 6:00 6:03 6:13 6:16 6:26
Trip 10S 7:00 7:03 7:13 7:16 7:26
Trip 11S 8:30 8:33 8:43 8:46 8:56
Trip 12S 9:30 9:33 9:43 9:46 9:56
Trip 13S 11:30 11:33 11:43 11:46 11:56

Staff Logins

Click Here to check, print or download your Paystubs and W-2's; see paid time off balances.

Click Here to manage your schedule, punches, etc.

New Mexico State University Child Awareness Class Click Here

The Handbook

2017-2018 Employee Self-Reference Guide

18-19 Handbook - TSV, Inc

18-19 Handbook -Food and Beverage- Rio Hondo


Foam Roller Stretches from our friends at the Institute of Community Wellness and Athletics. Foam rollers are available for employees to use at the Front Desk.

Fit For Snow

Looking for tips on staying healthy throughout the year? Check the FIT FOR SNOW FACEBOOK PAGE or visit Ashley Ryland.

EAP - Employee Assistance Program

We recognize the challenges of balancing work with the circumstances of everyday life. That's why you and your family have access to assistance provided by the Employee Assistance Program through The Solutions Group.


Always available and always confidential at no cost to you and your family. More information.

The Solutions Group:


Workplace login password: tsv

Login help

Insurance Exchange

Click Here for information on the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange.

What to do if you get hurt at work?


All Taos Ski Valley Employees are eligible for a discount on their Verizon Cell Service. A valid work email or current paystub (within 60 days) is required to receive the discount.

Click Here to register for Verizon Discount

Taos Ski Valley Employees get access to which is an online marketplace for Pros who have significant industry influence within their personal and professional communities. Click the link to join and register for Taos Ski Resort.

15% off monthly gym membership to High Altitude Fitness

Mountain Exchange Programs for Staff and Dependents

Exchange Days at other NM resorts, Click Here for details!

Exchange days at A-Basin and Copper Mountain – Taos Ski Valley staff gets 3 free days at each resort. You need to bring your current staff season pass to the ticket window to redeem for a one-day lift ticket. There are no discounts for dependents at these resorts.

Exchange days at Winter Park and Steamboat – Taos Ski Valley staff gets free exchange days at each of these resorts. You need to come to HR to obtain a letter of employment verification which you’ll then need to bring to the ticket window, along with your current staff season pass, to redeem for a one-day lift ticket. Dependents are eligible to receive 50% off.

Mountain Collective Exchange Program – Taos Ski Valley staff gets 50% off at participating mountain collective mountains. Limited days apply. Staff must come to HR to get a voucher which you’ll need to bring to the ticket window, along with your current staff season pass, to redeem for a 50% off one-day lift ticket. There are no discounts for dependents at these resorts.

Hot Yoga Taos (in Arroyo Seco) – discounts available with staff pass

  • $15 drop in rate (25% off the normal rate of $20)
  • $60 for a 6 class pass (33% off the normal rate of $90)
  • $80/month for unlimited classes (33% off the normal rate of $120)

Our Story

Please take a few minutes to check out the video below (please note it is password protected and you’ll need to enter the password below to access it) – it’s about 20mins long.

Password: tsv

Want to know more about Taos Ski Valley? Read Our Story!

B The Change Monthly Award Program

Welcome to our new B The Change monthly awards program! These awards are a great way to recognize fellow staff members for going above and beyond and exemplifying our B Corp ethos. Please click the link below to complete the nomination form. All nominations are due by the 25th of each month (November through February) and winners will be announced the first Wednesday of each following month at our Open Forums at 4:30pm as well as announced in our HR Newsletters! Winners will be invited to attend the Spring Recognition Dinner 😊 at the end of the ski season. Below is a list of the categories you are able to nominate your peers for!

Award Categories:

Totally Wiard Award: for staff who go above and beyond to take care of our staff and/or our community
Etch Award: for staff who bring a good idea forward that helps improve our business/surroundings
Lily Kinkade Award: for staff who go above and beyond to care for the business financially
Rhoda Blake Award: for staff who go the extra mile in their department or help other departments – positive, can-do attitude
St. Bernard Award: for staff who help protect the environment or staff who are particularly safety-minded
Our Partners
  • US Forest Service
  • Protect Our Winters
  • Leitner Poma
  • Sandia Automotive