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100% Carbon Offset

Fly with peace of mind

When you fly with Taos Air, you can do it with the confidence that your ticket purchase supports investment in projects to offset the carbon footprint of your flight. 

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May Ranch, CO

Grasslands can store as much as 200 tons of carbon per acre and account for over one-third of the planet’s total carbon storage. In the United States, over 70% of native grasslands have been lost. Taos Air supports the grassland projects in southeast Colorado, helping to ensure their protection by maintaining biodiversity and supporting the habitat of plants and animals in these locations.

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How Carbon Offsets Work

It starts with knowing

We recognize that air travel contributes to carbon dioxide emissions. In order to offset the impact of our scheduled air service program, Taos Air purchases an equivalent number of credits that support carbon offset programs. 

It takes collaboration

We partner with fellow B Corp™ NativeEnergy, who calculate the impact of our program and ensures we invest enough to provide a 100% offset.

It’s making every seat count

A portion of every Taos Air ticket sale goes towards our investment in carbon credits.  Our approach means that part of your ticket goes towards projects that reduce carbon emissions. 

Our B Corp Ethic and Commitment to Environment

When we became the world’s first B Corp™ ski resort, we committed ourselves to use our business as a force for good, for all. And in doing so, started a journey towards a better future. We invite you to join us.

What makes B Corp Different?

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