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What is Taos Air?

Taos Air offers individual seats on a public charter air service to and from Dallas-Love Field (DAL) and Austin International (AUS) airports to Taos Regional Airport.   Taos Air offers no baggage fees for up to two bags, free changes made at least 24-hours in advance, late check-in up to 30 minutes before time of departure.  Taos Transportation, an affiliate of Taos Air, will provide passengers with complimentary ground transportation between Taos Regional Airport and Taos Ski Valley.

What are Public Charters?

Public charters offer convenient, VIP service as passengers are not required to go through TSA screening.  Public Charters are a way of providing air transportation services that are subject to Department of Transportation regulations. These regulations, published in Title 14 CFR Part 380, provide enhanced consumer protection by specifying minimum contract terms and imposing requirements for handling of passenger funds.

The Department of Transportation advises passengers that:

“Charter flights can provide excellent value, and they often operate nonstop in markets where scheduled flights would be less direct. In addition, many charters don’t have all of the restrictions of scheduled service discount fares, e.g., advance-purchase, stay over a Saturday night, stay no more than 30 days, etc….”


Who operates the airplane?

The air carrier that performs Taos Air flights is Ultimate Jet Charters, LLC. As the direct air carrier, Ultimate Jet Charters, LLC is responsible for all aspects of the flight services.  Founded by John Gordon in 1984 as a small, one-aircraft charter company, Ultimate Jet Charters has become widely known in the charter industry for its development of the large cabin market.  In fact, Ultimate has grown to become the recognized leader in providing Corporate and Project Shuttle service for Fortune 500 companies. 

Ultimate Jet Charters is recognized by the Department of Transportation as a Direct Air Carrier with Commuter Status.  The company maintains an ARG/US Platinum safety rating.  Additionally, Ultimate maintains a strong and robust Safety Management System with a company culture that is committed to safety.  We are a member of the FAA’s Safety Management System voluntary pilot program and have achieved the second-tier stage of Active Participant Level.

What type of plane will I be on?

A Dornier 328 jet equipped with thirty (30) passenger seats.

How and when can I book a ticket on Taos Air?

Starting October 8, 2018 customers can book their tickets as follows:

Will I have to go through the TSA security checkpoint when using Taos Air?

No. Once you purchase your ticket online at www.flytaosair.com, then go to the Signature Flight Facilities at Austin and Dallas/Love Field. You will be required to present a government-issued I.D. The only acceptable forms are: driver’s license, passport, state ID or VALID (unexpired) government issued PHOTO ID.  If you don’t have in your possession, you will be denied boarding.

What are the Taos Air in-flight amenities?

Wifi and phone charging
Wifi and phone charging ports are not available on Taos Air flights.

Food & Beverages
Taos Air will offer complimentary snack and beverage service during flights.  Most products will be provided by fellow B-Corporations.

Does Taos Air participate in a carbon offset program?

Yes.  Details coming soon. 

Is the aircraft accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes. Call for information and particular needs

The passenger needs to have the ability to assist with their entry onto the aircraft.  We do have storage for wheel chairs and scooters. Passengers flying with reduced mobility must be able to go up and down six stairs.  

A step stool approximately 6 inches high is set on the ground to make the step on and off the aircraft stairs easier. In order to offer assistance, a crew member stands on the left side of the staircase and offers their hand to assist passengers until they can safely reach the hand rail on the right side as the passenger boards.  The stair is equipped with a single hand rail on the right side of the stairs which does not extend to the bottom step.  A crew member will be there when passengers deplane as well.

Seat Extenders

There are two (2) on each aircraft. Ask the flight attendant for an extender when boarding.  (NOTE to be placed under SSR if passenger needs an extender) Dornier Seat Width: 18.1 in - Height 6 ft. 2 in.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) approved by the FAA, may be carried and used on board Ultimate Air Shuttle flights in accordance with specific FAA guidelines. Passengers needing to use a POC on board should advise Reservations at the time of booking. The passenger must ensure he or she has ample batteries to power the POC for the duration of the flight.  If the passenger needs extra batteries for the duration of the flight, it is the passenger responsibility to ensure the batteries are properly protected by packaging the batteries so they do not contact metal objects, including the terminals of other batteries.

The passenger must have a signed written doctor's statement. 

The doctor's statement must:

  • State the user of the POC has the physical and cognitive ability to see, hear and understand the device's aural and visual cautions and warnings and is able, without assistance, to take appropriate action in response to those cautions and warnings
  • State whether or not oxygen use is medically necessary for all or a portion of the flight(s) listed on the passenger's itinerary
  • Specify the maximum oxygen flow rate in liters per minute corresponding to the pressure in the cabin of the aircraft under normal operating conditions.

Exit row seating restrictions apply:

  • The FAA prohibits any person using a POC from occupying any seat in an exit row.
  • The POC must be able to fit under the seat in front of the passenger. 

Portable oxygen concentrators are considered assistive devices. 

The following is the current list of FAA approved POCs:

  • The AirSep "Focus," manufactured by the AirSep Corporation
  • The AirSep "Freestyle," manufactured by the AirSep Corporation
  • The AirSep "Freestyle 5," manufactured by the AirSep Corporation
  • The AirSep "Lifestyle," manufactured by the AirSep Corporation
  • Delphi Central Air, manufactured by Delphi Medical Systems
  • DeVilbiss "iGo," manufactured by DeVilbiss
  • Inogen One, manufactured by the Inogen Corporation
  • Inogen One G2, manufactured by the Inogen Corporation
  • Inogen One G3, manufactured by the Inogen Corporation
  • Inova Labs "LifeChoice Activeox," manufactured by Inova Labs
  • International Biophysics "LifeChoice," manufactured by Inova Labs
  • Invacare SOLO2, manufactured by Invacare Corporation
  • Invacare XPO2, manufactured by Invacare Corporation
  • OxLife "Independence," manufactured by OxLife Incorporated
  • Precision Medical EasyPulse, manufactured by Precision Medical
  • Respironics EverGo, manufactured by Respironics Inc.
  • Respironics SimplyGo, manufactured by Respironics Inc.
  • SeQual Eclipse, manufactured by SeQual Technologies Inc.
  • SeQual SAROS, manufactured by SeQual Technologies Inc.

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Taos Air flights are public charters sold and operated by Ultimate JetCharters, LLC as a direct air carrier. Flights are subject to Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations. Please go to our F.A.Q. for more information on public charter flights. For full terms, please visit our policies page.

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