Speaker Series: The Life of Nicolai Fechin

28 Feb
February 28
4:00pm to 6:30pm
Preview Center
Cindy Atkins will discuss the fascinating life of Nicolai Fechin, a Russian master artist who fell in love with Taos and its peoples. Using historical photos and beautiful pictures of Fechin's art, she will display the genius and passion of a life truly dedicated to art.
Nicolai Fechin was born in 1881 in Russia where he spent an arduous 14 years in formal art education.  In 1924, with the aid of Americans, he and his family fled Russia to escape the hardships and deprivations that followed the Russian Revolution.  Living in NY City, he developed tuberculoses and was told to seek a dry climate.  Fechin and his family accepted an invitation from Mabel Dodge Luhan to come to Taos where he lived for the next 6 years, creating an exquisite home for is family. The Fechin House, now the home of the Taos Art Museum, is an architectural masterpiece; "a Russian home sculpted from NM mud".
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