Massages at the Blake Hotel in the Taos Ski Valley


Treat yourself to a massage for relaxation, injury rehab, or just to take care of those sore ski legs!


This performance enhancing massage combines stretching, compressions, and deep tissue techniques to restore mobility and body comfort. Heat therapy and a soothing arnica salve deliver relief to the affected areas.

60 m | $160
90 m | $200


This traditional Swedish-style massage incorporates your choice of indigenous scents; piñon pine or the reviving sage.

60 m | $150
90 m | $190

intentional AROMATHERAPy

Using our aroma blending bar, you will explore yourself through scent and receive the perfect massage for you in this moment. Take home your unique blend for lasting benefits.

60 m | $160
90 m | $200


Warm desert stones are used to reinvigorate the mind and body. Soothing heat from the stones, coupled with essential oils from native plants, provide a strengthening and grounding experience.

90 m | $200


Formed from the earth, these hand-carved, organic salt stones gently soothe away stress and tension. When warmed, the stones are massaged over the body, providing for deep relaxation, improved sleep, and a sense of emotional peace.

60 m | $160
90 m | $200

Couple’s Massage

Enjoy relaxation or recovery with a loved one in our private couple’s suite. Upgrade your experience with sparkling wine and chocolates for an additional fee.

60-90 m | Price based on treatment

Prenatal Massage

For expectant mothers in their second or third trimester. Find respite with a relaxing massage to help alleviate tension and stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve circulation.

60 m | $150
90 m | $190

In-Room Massage

Enjoy select spa treatments from the comfort of your guest room.

60 m | $180
90 m | $220

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