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Providing innovative fitness programs, customized spa treatments, and mindful guest service, The Spa & Wellness Center adopts a holistic approach to wellness and renewal. Drawing from the energy of the mountain, and inspired by a rich past, spa treatments are designed to connect guests to the goodness of the earth through authentic and therapeutic experiences.

The North is associated with the Earth and based on growth and renewal.

Mountain Arnica Therapeutic Massage

This performance enhancing massage combines stretching, compressions and deep tissue techniques, to restore mobility and body comfort.  Heat therapy and a soothing herbal arnica gel delivers relief to the affected areas.

Adobe Clay Wrap

Draw from the healing power of the earth.  Known as “the mud that heals” by some indigenous cultures, clay is a powerful detoxifier and provides essential nourishment to the skin.  This treatment begins with a gentle dry-brush exfoliation, followed by a rich clay wrap, and naturally lifting facial massage.  After a private steam shower, skin is moisturized with a hydrating jojoba lotion.

Rebalance Facial

This comforting and corrective facial will soothe the most reactive of skin.  A gentle refining scrub and application of a calming cream leaves skin fresh and renewed. 

The East expresses itself through Air.  The energy of the east is meditative and gentle.

Earth Elements Massage

Formed from the earth, these hand-carved, organic salt stones, gently soothe away an accumulation of stress and tension.  When warmed, the stones are massaged over the body and stimulation of specific meridians allows for deep relaxation, improved sleep, and a sense of emotional peace.

Dry Brush & Poultice Therapy

This uplifting treatment combines the benefits of a dry brush exfoliation with a soothing aromatherapy infused massage.  A focused all over body exfoliation with a dry brushing is a natural method to stimulate the nervous system, eliminate toxins, and improve circulation.  A therapeutic massage combined with soothing scents and steamy desert flower herbal poultices beckon the body into complete relaxation.

Desert Glow Anti-Aging Facial

A calming and nourishing, facial aimed at restoring the skin.  The products work powerfully to reduce the visible signs of aging and give the complexion an immediate glow.

Associated with Water, the South represents a state of purification, as energies are purified and conserved.

The Blake Massage

Designed to promote a feeling of wellness and relaxation, this traditional full body massage incorporates your choice of indigenous scents: pinon pine or the reviving sage.  Inhalations and conditioning massage oil enhance this total body experience.

Native Herbal Hydration Wrap

Stress will melt away like a New Mexican sunset with this therapeutic experience.  A dry brushing prepares skin for an application of an ultra-hydrating shea butter and jojoba oil combination.  Enveloped in scents of native organic lavender and wild sage you will be whisked into a state of deep relaxation. 

Flowing River Purifying Facial

A thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing mask designed to brighten and elevate overall complexion.

The West is associated with the element of Fire.  It is the most energetic of directions and treatments focus on building vitality and energy.

Lava Flow Hot Stone Massage

Warm desert stones, charged by the energy of the full moon, are used to reinvigorate the mind and body.  Soothing heat from the stones combined with essential native plant oils, provide a strengthening and grounding experience.

High Desert Scrub Bar

Our exclusive scrub bar allows you to blend your ideal body scrub choosing from a variety of raw materials and mesmerizing scents from the flowers and herbs of Northern New Mexico.   

Brightening Facial

Experience the benefits of a light peel that will improve texture and enhance your overall skin tone.  Immediate and visible results will be revealed for all skin types.

The Golden Center nourishes and supports all directions and represents a state of optimum balance.

Intentional Aromatherapy Massage

Intended to enhance the massage experience by matching an aromatherapy oil that resonates with your energy.  Using our aroma blending bar, you will explore yourself through scent and receive the perfect massage for you in this moment. 

Mountain Paths Journey

Indulge in this exclusive journey and savor the therapeutic benefits of indigenous flora, while balancing energy flow throughout the body.  Your personalized path begins by creating custom aromatherapy and body scrub blends.  Let the healing scent of sage, pinon pine, or prickly pear oils calm mind and body, while enveloped in a warm wrap enhanced with a desert hot oil scalp massage and energy point facial treatment.  This journey will help forge a path to personal healing, harmony, and peace.

Moisture Quench Facial

Designed to counteract the effects of a high-altitude environment and extreme climates, this facial infuses the skin with intense moisture and hydration that will help balance and strengthen its natural protective barrier.

High Desert Scrub - Gentle buffing grains exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation and allows better hydration of the skin.  

Desert Scalp Therapy - Heated oil scented with wild lavender and vetiver grass are massaged into the hair and scalp providing a hydrating and nourishing treatment leaving hair shiny and strong.

Sole Renewal - Tired soles are scrubbed and revived with a mint reflex zone massage that will leave you feeling grounded and connected.

Mini Facial Therapy - An express facial designed to purify and deliver effective hydration to the skin. Perfect add on to any spa service.

Specialty Treatments

Couple’s Massage - Enjoy relaxation or recovery with a loved one in our private couple’s suite. Upgrade your experience with champagne and chocolates for an additional fee.

Cranial Sacral - Incredibly relaxing, this soft-touch therapy strengthens the immune system, decreases tension, and eliminates restrictions in connective tissue throughout the body.

Prenatal Massage - For expectant mothers in their second or third trimester. Find respite with a relaxing massage to help alleviate tension and stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve circulation.

In-Room Massage - Enjoy select spa treatments from the comfort of your guest room.

Waxing services available. Please call the Spa for details and pricing information.

Wellness Center

Enrich your mind and body in the Wellness Center at The Blake where you will find an excellent assortment of free weights and equipment to help you get your heart rate up and your muscles toned. Or relax in the tranquility of the yoga studio…the perfect spot for a pre or post workout stretch.


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