Protecting Our Environment

Red or Green?

The official state question of New Mexico is: Red or Green?

While the question typically refers to one’s chile preference, we choose green to mean that we are pursuing business practices that benefit and protect the natural environment that we are dependent upon for our very existence.  This dependency is at the heart of our environmental ethos.  We all share a responsibility to being stewards of this special place for future generations.  Learn about our efforts below and what you can do to help.   

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Since 2014, Taos Ski Valley has participated in the National Ski Areas Association annual Climate Challenge which is a voluntary program dedicated to helping ski areas inventory, target and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.



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Taos Ski Valley is an endorser of the National Ski Areas Association Sustainable Slopes program and has taken a pledge to be stewards of the environment.



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Established in 1993, the Golden Eagle Awards are the highest honor bestowed on a resort for its environmental performance.  The National Ski Areas Association Golden Eagle Awards for Environmental Excellence have celebrated the best North American ski area sustainability programs and the people who make them happen.  Recognition is awarded in four categories: Environmental Excellence, Innovation in Sustainability, Climate Change Impact, and Hero of Sustainability.   

2021: Climate Change Impact Award Winner; Overall Environmental Excellence finalist

2019: Innovation in Sustainability Award winner 


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As a certified B Corp, we have made a legal commitment to conduct business with consideration for the environment and all stakeholders, not just shareholders.  We are one of over 1500+ companies (including 1000+ B Corps) who have committed to being Net Zero (carbon neutral) by 2030.  We recognize this is a lofty goal and we have a lot to learn on this journey.  Here are some ways we are working toward this goal: 

  • Our local electric cooperative will be 100% daytime solar by 2022

    • Due to this strong local partnership, we are researching ways to convert our existing systems and future systems to be electric.  This includes heating systems and converting our fleet to electric vehicles. 

  • We are gathering data to understand when and how we use green-house gas emitting sources. 

  • Our Taos Air flights are 100% Gold Standard carbon offset through our partnership with fellow certified B Corp Native.

  • To divert food waste from our operations from the landfill and reduce the associated methane gas, we invested in a BioCoTech composter that can process 150-200 pounds of waste in a 14-16 hour period and produces an inert carbon material used to enhance our soil. 

  • We have removed most single-use plastic bottles from our waste stream in our food and beverage outlets and moved to product in recyclable aluminum cans. 

  • We are reviewing our supply chain relationships to partner with more environmentally- conscious businesses. 

  • We continue to commit to offering our staff a free employee shuttle to provide reliable transportation to and from work and remove multiple cars and the associated emissions from our roads. 

  • We currently have 8 electric vehicle chargers available for use by our staff and guests with more to be installed in the future! 

Forest health

Taos Ski Valley is a charter signatory of The Nature Conservancy’s Rio Grande Water Fund whose collaborative goal is to restore 600,000 acres of critical forests and headwaters of the Rio Grande.  New Mexico’s Rio Grande and its tributaries supply water wildlife and one million people.  The health of these waterways is key to the health of downstream users including Native American Pueblos and half of New Mexico’s population making it an essential ingredient for our state’s economic growth.  Taos Ski Valley is actively pursuing forest health initiatives within our private land and with a partnership on the USFS land we lease.  You can tour some of the work in this effort by riding your bike along HWY 150, skiing in the Wild West Glade, Ernie’s, and North American runs in the winter, or riding your mountain bike down the Green Chile Trail in the summer.   

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