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Emma's Adventures II

The first stop of the Freeride World Tour in Hakuba was everything I expected, and then some. Despite the lack of snow and big tumble, I really wouldn’t change a thing. Going into the FWT as a rookie was (and still is) nerve-racking to say the least...
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February 4th, 2020
Emma Portrait

Emma's Adventures

Emma Patterson is ready for the Freeride World Tour Born and raised on the Taos Mesa, I first forced my foot into a ski boot at two years old. From there? It never stopped. I grew up ski racing, which entailed learning to ski on the limited number of...
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January 13th, 2020
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Behind the “B”

When Taos Ski Valley decided that our future lay in being better, not bigger, we knew we’d need some guidance to ensure we evolved as a business, and even more importantly, as a force for good in our community. This led us to B Labs, the non-profit...
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November 30th, 2019
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