Skiers arounda  fire


I'm Going Skiing

My mom tells this story about me. I grew up just north of New York City and once a year we went to Vermont for a ski trip. My parents would save their coupons, wait for the best weekday deals, pull us out of school, and head North for a few days of...
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October 1st, 2021

Beautiful Music

You know the tingle that you get on the back of your neck hearing beautiful music that inexplicably crawls into the depth of your being? You can’t help but smile and be entranced in bliss and dance. This can also be experienced through a meaningful...
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September 29th, 2021

Caught Up in the Moment

My mom lied about my age to get me into ski school at Waterville Valley. I was not thrilled to let my big brother go without me -- so I hit the slopes at three. Finally, as a third-grader, I was old enough to go on the weekly ski trips with my school...
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September 28th, 2021

Childhood Daydreams

My entire childhood, I knew I was destined to be strapped to a snowboard. Unfortunately, growing up, I never had the opportunity. I was one of seven children and my family couldn’t afford an expensive trip to the mountains. After years of dreaming...
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September 27th, 2021
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