River Radamus trains in TAOS bib.
December 23rd, 2022

TAOS Signs River Radamus

For some, it may seem crazy that Olympic skier River Radamus skied TAOS one day and promptly decided he wanted to call it home. For those who have been here, it comes as no surprise. We’re constantly spoiled by TAOS, and if we’re not careful, can easily forget the magic of visiting this mountain for the first time.

I’m delighted to welcome River to our family, sign him as an official TAOS-sponsored athlete, and have him train on the world stage in an official TAOS bib. His commitment to skiing is rivaled only by his commitment to the environment and helping others experience the sport that has meant so much.

What does this partnership mean for the TAOS local? River can’t wait to get involved in every aspect of this resort and community. Expect meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, and random appearances at different events throughout the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to cheer him on when he returns for the World Pro Ski Tour World Championships in March!

When asked, “Why TAOS?,” River had this to say:

“I am so thrilled that Taos has trusted me to become part of their family. I fell in love with Taos my first day ever there. As crazy as it sounds, I just knew it was the place I wanted to be. Taos is just unlike any other ski area I’ve ever been to. The ski culture is fanatical and uniquely its own. The locals don’t much care whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a beginner, so long as you have the passion for winter sports and respect for the mountain.

The big mountain skiing in Taos is genuinely elite, the powder comes in heaps, and best of all, it’s still uncrowded. It really feels like something I’ve always been seeking: a true hidden gem.

On top of everything else, it’s just really easy to support how the folks at Taos run their mountain. From being the only Certified B Corp ski area, to countless social and economic justice initiatives, they stand on their values in real, substantive actions. I’m so grateful to have found a place that aligns with my own values in such an honest and organic way.”

If you see that crazy hair poking out from underneath his helmet, be sure to introduce yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed–his potential, and charisma, are limitless.   


-Madeline Kelty, Director of Marketing