Taos On The Fly

There are certain staples in Taos.  The Taos Pueblo.  The Historic Taos Inn.  The Rio Grande Bridge.  The list is extensive and impressive.  In 1980 Taylor Streit opened Taos Fly Shop; creating a staple of his own and in doing so, helped put Northern New Mexico on the fly fishing map.  Today, after more than 30 years of guiding anglers and having written three celebrated fly fishing books, Taylor is in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and his son Nick, a genial and charismatic man who was once on the U.S. Junior Fly Fishing Team, is overseeing day-to-day operations of the shop.

With his knowledge and skillset, Nick Steit could be running a shop and guiding anywhere in the country.  Renowned locations like Montana and Colorado come to mind when people think of fly fishing but Nick is drawn to the culture and unique characteristics of Taos.  Plus, in his mind you cannot discount what this region has to offer people who love to fish.   

“We actually have some world class fishing here,” stated Nick.  “And since it’s ‘undiscovered’, it’s not crowded.  We have a lot of solitude to offer here.” 

When it comes to places to cast a line, Nick will choose the Rio Grande all day long.  With approximately 70 miles of public water, much of which can only be accessed via a hike, The Rio Grande is an anglers dream come true; abundant with untouched wild trout.  In fact, according to Nick there are certain stretches of the canyon that only get fished once a year.  And Nick knows each and every one of them like the back of his hand. 

A day out on the water can be a life altering experience; one that emphasizes patience over instant gratification and tranquility over success.  At the end of the day, being out on the river isn’t about the number of fish you bag, it’s about being in touch with nature in it’s more original form.  Water is the basis of life as we know it and having the chance to spend the day immersed hip-deep in the majestic Rio Grande brings people back to a time where life wasn’t centered around screen time and being constantly connected to a mobile device.  The experience one takes away from a good day on the river can bring people a sense of accomplishment that is becoming harder and harder to find in this fast-paced, ultra-competitive society that we now find ourselves in.

On September 20 – 23, Taos Fly Shop will be partnering with Taos Ski Valley to bring you Taos On The Fly.  Participants will fish some of New Mexico’s finest locations and thanks to the knowledge that the Streit’s bring to the table, they will walk away with new skills and new fish stories to tell.  They will stay at The Blake at Taos Ski Valley for three days and participate in daily classes that will be geared towards a variety of skill levels and cover everything from knot tying and rigging to advanced casting and everything in between.

To Nick, the partnership makes perfect sense and the timing is ideal.  “When the snow starts falling, most of us trade our fly rods for our powder boards,” stated Nick. “I’ve been skiing Taos Ski Valley since I was a kid and have many friends up there. In fact, I spent a few years working up there. When I heard the Ski Valley was trying to promote more summer activities, I was sure to let them know that fly fishing should be at the top of their list. And the Blake is the perfect venue for our event!”

When Nick talks about the event, there is a noticeable level of excitement in his voice.  Not only is he able to get out on the water with an audience that is captivated and eager to learn, he gets to share that experience with his father; a New Mexico fishing icon.  The duo makes Taos On The Fly a gripping attraction for any angler.

“When my father and I teach fly fishing together, we have a sort of off-the-cuff style that allows the lesson to flow and be flexible,” said Streit.  “This ensures that everyone gets something from the instruction, regardless of skill.  We are constantly bouncing things off each other as we go and teachable moments present themselves.”

If you are interested in learning more about Taos On The Fly or you would like to sign up, click here