Taos Stories: Amanda Maitland

Taos Stories: Snowsports Addition   



1. What is your name, and where are you from? 

Hi! I’m Amanda and I am from a collection of places. My parents were both ski instructors at Taos Ski Valley when I was born, so I am originally from Taos, but grew up mostly in Oregon. 


2. Why did you become an instructor, and how long have you been teaching? 

Being a ski instructor is in my blood. I absolutely love being around kids and having the opportunity to introduce them to the mountain is so much fun. When I moved back to New Mexico for school I was so excited for the opportunity to take a position at Taos Ski Valley. This is my fifth season as an instructor and my third season at TSV. 


3. Why Taos? 

My mom taught skiing at Taos when she was pregnant with me. When I was born I used to ride on my dads back in the baby backpack. Then I learned to ski at the Ernie Blake Ski School. Taos is a magical place with a beautiful collection of unique people. Though we may all come from different backgrounds, it really does feel like a family. 


4. Most inspiring moment you've had while teaching? 

I always love to see students come back year and after year. Watching them grow and progress in their skiing is always amazing. The other day I had two four year old boys in my class. One of them turned to me on the lift and told me this was the best day of his entire life. Those are the moments that make you love your job. 


5. Best tip you give to your students? 

Always tell your instructor if you have to pee. I then follow it with the story of how I peed my onsie snow suite while skiing in ski school and left a yellow trail all the way across Reuggli. 


6. Best tip a student ever gave you? (Not monetary) 

When the lift finally started running after being stopped for a few minutes – “Don’t thank God, thank the people!”


7. Favorite après after work? 

A slice of Spinach pizza from Pizza Shack and an IPA from the Taos Mesa Brew tap room. 


8. Skis and boots of choice this season: 



9. Finish this sentence: The Ernie Blake Snowsports School is: 

A school that breeds generations of great skiers. 


10. Taos just got a foot of fresh. Patrol has done their thing. You've got an hour before you have to be at lineups. Where are you heading? 

Loreleis and Walkeries.