Taos Stories: Lisa Vesper

Taos Stories: Snowsports Addition   


1. What is your name, and

where are you from? 

Lisa Vesper, originally from Arlington, Virginia, but I have lived in New Mexico for most of my life. 


2. Why did you become an instructor, and how long have you been teaching? 

I love the sport of skiing and I enjoy sharing my passion with others. I have been teaching for four seasons. 


3. Why Taos? 

I was skiing in Santa Fe and struggling to keep up with my friends in the bumps. An acquaintance recommended the locals clinic in Taos to help me with my skiing. It changed my life in so many ways. 


4. Most inspiring moment you've had while teaching? 

Being able to teach the same out-of-town students multiple times in a season and seeing them progress from the wedge to parallel skiing in the bumps. 


5. Best tip you give to your students? 

Smile and have fun! 


6. Best tip a student ever gave you? (Not monetary) 

I received a handwritten thank you note from an eight year old. It was precious! 


7. Favorite après after work? 

The Blonde Bear Tavern at the Edelweiss 


8. Skis and boots of choice this season: 

I just ordered the Hawx Ultra 110 boot from Atomic and I ski on K2 Superstitious. I am in the market for a GS ski! 


9. Finish this sentence: The Ernie Blake Snowsports School is: 

A Family. I have learned so much from my teachers and mentors and I am so happy that I can share that knowledge and passion with my students. 


10. Taos just got a foot of fresh. Patrol has done their thing. You've got an hour before you have to be at lineups. Where are you heading? 

This is a really difficult choice, but I will choose Wild West Glade or Sir Arnold Lunn.