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Beautiful Music

22 February 2021

You know the tingle that you get on the back of your neck hearing beautiful music that inexplicably crawls into the depth of your being? You can’t help but smile and be entranced in bliss and dance. This can also be experienced through a meaningful connection with another. The feeling is so intoxicating, that you work to extend it as long as possible because it feels so amazing. I firmly believe this is us (sometimes accidentally) finding symbiosis with the energy that is consistently being transferred around us.

For me, I can re-create this experience frequently and almost lucidly, when I find myself quiet and alone in a remote environment.

When we enter these wonderful places in the world and especially during a time of season which is typically inhospitable to most sensible animals, we truly put ourselves in a vulnerable space to witness the manifestation of the incredible.

Hearing snowflakes collide into one another and come crashing down to join their fallen ranks on the earth’s surface is possible when one makes oneself available to truly listen…

Also…I like skiing.

 ~ Mike, Base Area Maintenance

Man standing in sunlit snow covered forest staring up at the trees.