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I'm Going Skiing

24 January 2021

My mom tells this story about me. I grew up just north of New York City and once a year we went to Vermont for a ski trip. My parents would save their coupons, wait for the best weekday deals, pull us out of school, and head North for a few days of icy white turns.

I loved this family ski tradition.

One year it was snowing on our walk back from dinner. I was about five years old, and a kid who craved the possibility of fresh powder. My excitement made sleeping that night difficult. After waking from the sounds of snowcats grooming, I decided it was time to go. I got out of bed and proceeded to get dressed for the ski day.

It was the buckling of boots that woke my mom. It was 3am. She looked at me and confusedly asked, “what are you doing?” My response?

“I’m going skiing.”


This is my second year at Taos Ski Valley as an employee and my eighth year as a guest. My love for this mountain is strong, like many people who live in the Taos area. It grew even stronger when I saw the Colorado ski mountains change. When my husband and I lived in Boulder, CO we found ourselves getting up at ungodly hours to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic, end up in the last possible parking spot, and stand in lift lines of 45 minutes plus.

The essence of skiing was disappearing.

But every time we came down to Taos we found it again. We were greeted by our favorite cattle car drivers, we sat on lifts with local ski kids keeping us up to date on fresh powder, and we made it to the top of Kachina where we could sit and catch our breath after the hike without the stress of every other skier on the mountain.

I am so proud today to be a part of a ski resort that truly believes in preserving this experience. The essence of skiing is still here at Taos Ski Valley. Our independence, our intimacy, and our focus on B Corp values has us offering the best terrain, with no crowds, and a mountain of loyal locals who make your visit above and beyond any other resort.

My excitement for this winter cannot be contained. That little kid in me is already putting on her boots. So, if you see me on the mountain this winter, my answer to “what are you doing”?

“I’m going skiing”.

 ~ Tania, Marketing