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Childhood Daydreams

20 January 2021

My entire childhood, I knew I was destined to be strapped to a snowboard. Unfortunately, growing up, I never had the opportunity. I was one of seven children and my family couldn’t afford an expensive trip to the mountains. After years of dreaming and fantasizing about cruising down snowy slopes, I got my first chance to strap into a snowboard at twenty-six years old.

My first experience on a snowboard was about three years ago, shortly after deciding to pack up my tiny apartment in Florida and head west. I stopped in Taos and fell in love. Little did I know, I would soon have full access to some of the most amazing ski terrain in the country. Learning to snowboard at Taos Ski Valley was one of the most challenging and rewarding obstacles I have ever experienced. Many times, I thought about giving up but remembered the years I spent craving that exact moment. Butt bruises, concussions, and black eyes never stopped me from coming back for more. I was determined!

Although I have only been on a board for a short amount of time, I can’t imagine life without it. It is a connection within yourself and with nature that cannot be replicated. Every time I get on the chairlift, it still feels like a childhood daydream.

 ~Lauren, Hospitality