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Sharing The Joy of Skiing

7 February 2021

I was 13 years old when I threw on a pair of boots and skis for the first time. This was my first year learning to ski and my first season (family) pass. I was eager and determined to learn, after a couple of falls and twisted skis later, I quickly learned the concept of skiing. I remember my first ride on chair #1, I was nervous and a bit scared. My cruise down White feather was slow and careful. When I made it to the base area I felt a sense of relief, adrenaline, and desire for more!

I was a teenage ski bum who loved to be on the mountain all winter long. I wanted to be a part of the mountain so bad that I scored my first job with the Blakes in 2005 (15 years later, I’m still here!). The sensation of feeling the weightless, free-floating thrill was so satisfying. Skiing was everything to me; my therapy, excitement, and control!

Today I am able to share the joy of skiing with my two daughters! Teaching my girls to ski is adventurous and bonding. Witnessing their giddy feelings will always take me back to where I started. Skiing has and will always be my challenge, freedom, passion, and love! Taos Ski Valley will forever be a huge part of my life!

 ~ Ashley, HR